Afghanistan: Pathways to Peace

A Global Network Working Towards Peace in Afghanistan

Afghans and Friends Building a Just and Lasting Peace

From January 15th– February 19th 2014, a total of 250,000 Afghan women from all walks of life and regions of the country signed a Call for Peace. HPC SignaturesThe Afghan Women Call for Peace and Ceasefire Campaign is an Afghan initiative that has placed Afghan women at the centre of its call for peace and an end to armed conflict in the country.
The campaign was well received throughout the country, gathering considerable support, even in remote areas, including 10,000 signatures in Helmand province, 50,000 in Kandahar and 2,000 in Nangarhar.
The campaign’s objective, as described by one of its organizers, is to provide Afghan women with a common voice for peace.
More information on this incredible initiative by one of our colleagues can be found here

Peace is found when many people follow different pathways, sharing experiences as they move toward a shared destination. This is called a comprehensive peace process–one that involves everyone concerned in the search.

Who Are We?

We are group of individuals and organizations from Afghanistan, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Ireland committed to a common goal. Academics and peace professionals, students and human rights workers, diplomats and communicators, we offer a broad range of support and assistance to people working for peace.

What Does The Road Towards Peace Involve?

Just as there are many kinds of people involved, there are many pathways that lead to peace. We support:

  • Dialogue – both public and private — in Afghanistan and outside in search of peace
  • Peace Education– from the classroom to the village council–skills in negotiation, mediation and conflict resolution are needed by ordinary people and leaders alike
  • Women’s Empowerment- social, economic and political skills are needed to ensure that women’s voices are heard when peace is discussed
  • Peace Advocacy/Awareness– support from both the public and from governments – in Afghanistan and internationally – is needed to begin and successfully conclude a peace process
  • Peace Research– understanding the causes of conflict helps negotiators at all levels to find sustainable solutions to that conflict